We are very happy to announce that Swedish Distribution Company TRIART FILM has started to distribute several of our previous short films, A Sting of Maud, A Last Farewell, We Could Be Parents and also the latest one No More We. More titles to follow soon ..

Direct links to rent and stream them here: (All films have English Subtitles)
Getingdans (A Sting of Maud): https://www.triart.se/filmer/getingdans/
Ett Sista Farväl (A Last Farewell): https://www.triart.se/filmer/ett-sista-farval/
Vi skulle bli bra föräldrar (We Could Be Parents): https://www.triart.se/filmer/vi-skulle-bli-bra-foraldrar/
Vi Finns Inte Längre (No More We): https://www.triart.se/filmer/vi-finns-inte-langre/