Erik’s boyfriend Marely left him. Now, the last chance for Erik to get him back is to make this movie to explain, that the only reason he sold sex was so they could afford to become parents one day.

International title: We Could Be Parents

Original Swedish title: Vi skulle bli bra föräldrar

Director: Björn Elgerd

Co-Director: David Färdmar

Screenwriter: Björn Elgerd

Director of Photography: Silja-Marie Kentsdottir, Johannes Stenson

Music: Tami Tamaki

Producer: David Färdmar

Produced by: Färdmars Film, in co-production with Film i Väst

Cast: Björn Elgerd, Pär Brundin, Miloo

Production Year: 2016


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FILM FESTIVALS (2016-2017)

Out On Film – Atlanta’s LGBT Film Festival, USA, 2017

Palm Springs LGBT Film Festival, USA, 2017

Västerås Filmfestival, SWEDEN, 2017

Stockholm Pride Film Festival, SWEDEN, 2017

Festival du Film Subversif de Metz, FRANCE, 2017

Schwule Filmwoche Freiburg, GERMANY, 2017

Out & Loud Pune International Queer Film Festival, INDIA, 2017

VERA Film Festival, FINLAND, 2017

Göteborg Film Festival, SWEDEN (Swedish Premiere), 2017

Pride Film Festival, USA, 2016

Chéries-Chéris LGBT Film Festival dé Paris, FRANCE, 2016

MIX Brasil, BRASIL, 2016

Queer Filmfest Weiterstadt, GERMANY, 2016

VinoKino Film Festival, FINLAND, 2016

TWIST Seattle Queer Film Festival, USA, 2016

SouthWest Gay & Lesbian Film Festival, USA, 2016

Thessaloniki International LGBTI Film Festival, GREECE, 2016

Hong Kong LGBT Film Festival, HONG KONG, 2016

Oslo/Fusion International Film Festival, NORWAY, 2016

Durban LGBT Film Festival, SOUTH AFRICA, 2016

Mix Milano, ITALY, 2016


TLV Fest, ISRAEL, 2016

Sicilia Queer Film Festival, ITALY, 2016

Kashish LGBT Film Festival, INDIA, 2016

Mix Mexico, MEXICO, 2016

WE Film Festival, NETHERLANDS, 2016

Qfest St Louis, USA, 2016

Outview Athens LGBT Film Festival, GREECE, 2016

Roze Filmdagen, NETHERLANDS, 2016

ZINEGOAK, SPAIN (World Premiere), 2016


Best Short Film/Jury Award @ Roze Filmdagen, THE NETHERLANDS

Best International Short Film/Jury Award @TLV FEST, ISRAEL