Miss Maud, an orphan, has grown up in a boarding house, raised by the conservative matron Mrs Frank. In her suppressed desires and love for Mr Eldmann, Miss Maud creates an imaginary world where love is greater than life. Perhaps even greater than death itself …

International title: A sting of Maud

Original Swedish title: Getingdans

Director: David Färdmar

Screenwriter: Lisa Linnertorp

Director of Photography: Erik Persson

Music: Tommie Ausberg

Producers: Frida Hallberg & David Färdmar

Produced by: Rolands Hörna Film, in co-production with The Swedish Television and the support of The Swedish Film Institute

Cast: Lisa Linnertorp, Reine Brynolfsson, Sven S. Holm, Siw Malmkvist, Karin Bergquist, Kenneth Milldoff, Adam Lundgren

Production Year: 2011


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FILM FESTIVALS (2011-2014)

Jönköping Pride Film Festival, SWEDEN, 2014

Scandinavian Contemporary Film Festival, HUNGARY, 2013

Open Cinema International Short & Animation Film Festival, RUSSIA, 2012

Grand OFF World Independent Film Awards, POLAND, 2011

Hamar Kino, NORWAY, 2011

FeSanCor International Short Film Festival de Santiago, CHILE, 2011

Short Film Nights, SWEDEN, 2011

Short Film Festival Best in West, SWEDEN, 2011

Göteborg International Film Festival, SWEDEN, 2011



Best Swedish Novella Film/Audience Award @ Göteborg International Film Festival, SWEDEN