Our award winning short film WE COULD BE PARENTS, directed by Björn Elgerd, is now available on DVD & VOD from Peccadillo Pictures in UK at the world’s most successful short film collection BOYS ON FILM 16, and Optimale in France are distributing the DVD BEST OF CHÉRIES CHÉRIS.

You can order your own copy of BOYS ON FILM 16 DVD from Amazon here: amzn.to/2pw0wGC

You can rent and/or buy the films of BOYS ON FILM 16 at VOD from Peccadillo Pictures here: https://www.peccapics.com/product/boys-film-16-possession/

You can order your own copy of BEST OF CHÉRIES CHÉRIS DVD here: https://www.optimale.fr/best-of-cheries-cheris-vol-2-p-1534.html