No Tears Behind The Camera

Trick & Treat! The feature film SHED NO TEARS (Känn ingen sorg), directed by Måns Mårlind & Björn Stein and written by Cilla Jackert, is being aired tomorrow Saturday 31st October at TV4 21:35. Directly after the film is over you will get the chance to watch the behind-the-scenes-film NO TEARS BEHIND THE CAMERA (Ingen [...]

It’s a wrap!

The first film produced by Färdmars Film is in the bag! Swedish Title: Vi Skulle Bli Bra Föräldrar International Title: We Could Be Parents Screenwriter: Björn Elgerd Director: Björn Elgerd Photographers: Silja-Marie Kentsdottir & Johannes Stenson Cast: Björn Elgerd, Pär Brundin & Miloo Producer: Färdmars Film, David Färdmar Co-Producers: Film Väst, Ami Ekström

Film Väst about A Last Farewell

Film Väst, co-producer of A LAST FAREWELL, published a great article last week about our film, director Casper Andreas and producer David Färdmar. "The short film A Last Farewell has conquered the film world". Check it out here (it's in Swedish);

Boden Queer Film Festival

MY NAME IS LOVE and A LAST FAREWELL are screened at the Boden Queer Film Festival, SWEDEN, September 26. Director/Producer David Färdmar is invited to a Q & A after the screenings.


BOYS ON FILM 13, including A LAST FAREWELL and 9 other award winning short films, is out on DVD & VoD JULY 13. Pre-order your own copy from Amazon here;

A Last Farewell to Washington

A LAST FAREWELL just got selected to its 116th film festival DC SHORTS FILM FESTIVAL in Washington, USA