”Sara (Sanna Sundqvist) lives in a perfect nuclear family with Daniél, their little son Eliot, and a second child on its way. But their life is to be turned upside down and the heavily pregnant Sara is suddenly left alone. The help soon appears from a completely unexpected side when Sara’s estranged older sister, Linda (Charlotta Björck), a helpless immature adult with a big erratic dog offers to move in and help out.”

“Thank You, I’m Sorry” (Tack och Förlåt) is a heart-warming story with a light touch of humor. Production for the film took place in Stockholm, Sweden and is directed by Lisa Aschan (“Call Mom!, White People, She Monkeys”).

Cast: Sanna Sundqvist, Charlotta Björck, Amael Blomgren, Ia Langhammer, Juan Rodriguez, Ville Virtanen, Peshang Rad, Nemanja Stojanovic, Maria Nohra, Fredrik Hallgren, Kitt Johansson.

Casting Director: David Färdmar, Simon Borka Otterstål

Producer: Stine Meldgaard, Maria Dahlin
Executive Producer: Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen
Production Company: MetaFilm